3D Printing Request

Our department provides 3D printing services at the Alief-Hayes and Katy campuses to all current students and staff members. Use this form to submit a request to print a design. For questions, please email Jordan Carswell.

  • Personal Information

  • Your full name as listed on your college ID
  • Your college email address
  • Your phone number (not required)
  • File Information

  • Submit one file per request. Multiple files can be zipped. File should be saved as STL or OBJ file type. Files larger than 20MB should be brought in person to the lab at Katy or Alief Hayes.
    Accepted file types: stl, obj, zip.
  • Printing in the labs is free. However, you will need to provide your own materials. Refer to the 3D printing guide for more information.
  • Add any additional information that will help us with your request
  • Select the campus location where you would like to have your design printed
    • There is no cost to print
    • You will need to provide your own printer filament
    • Files should be submitted as either STL or OBJ file types
    • Files will be evaluated and prepared for print by lab staff
    • Designs must adhere to existing copyright laws
    • Designs must adhere to all HCC policies
    • Weapons and weapon parts will not be printed
    • Allow up to five business days for printing
    • Staff will notify you when your print is ready for pickup
    • We do not guarantee the success or quality of print jobs
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.