Department Administration

Our Mission

The values of Northwest College are Learning, Serving, and Excelling. College Educational Technology Services (CETS)  is dedicated to promoting  those values by supporting your efforts as educators. We do this first and foremost by supporting teaching and learning in all of its forms.

Technology is an enabler and not a solution in and of itself. Therefore, much of our efforts are centered on enhancing the human capital of Northwest College through the innovative use of technology. By making us more efficient and smarter consumers of all that the new connectivity has to offer, we will enable our students and ourselves to become 21st Century learners.

With that end in mind we are dedicated to creating pathways to technology adoption for faculty, staff, and students at Northwest College. Our multifaceted team can assist you with a broad range of technology projects including online collaboration, technology literacy, and providing innovative solutions to the challenges of teaching and learning in the new millennium.

Our Scope

  • College technology purchasing
  • Allocation of college technology resources
  • Coordination with District Information Technology


Oversight of the department’s day to day activities is divided into three main areas:

Curriculum Innovation Center
Supervisor: Jordan Carswell
(713) 718-5769

Open Computer Labs
Supervisor: April Hall
(713) 718-5689

Technical Support
Supervisor: Steve Rota
(713) 718-5810