Present great images with ARTstor, a browseable digital repository

Posted December 5th, 2012 by Site Administrator

George Washington (ARTstor)

Click above on the thumbnail of our first president to open a new window and see the amazing detail and metadata on ARTstor images!

ARTstor is a digital repository for images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences, licensed by HCC for its instructors and students. The images are organized and searchable by classification, date, creator, title, geographical location, or collection. This organization makes it possible to browse through the incredible breadth and depth of ARTstor. You can still search if you know of a particular work, though.

ARTStor is useful for more than Art Appreciation and Art History — there are also special collections for different disciplines such as American Studies, Anthropology, Design and Decorative Arts, Languages and Literature, Maps and Geography, and World History. These pre-selected groups, or any collection of pictures that an instructor wishes to use, can add visual style and substance to augment a course. Try contemporaneous art in a History class or ancient maps in a Geography class!

If you’re curious about getting started using ARTstor images, contact the CIC to discuss ideas about image sets for use in class or to spruce up presentations. Thanks goes out to the HCC libraries for assisting with access to ARTstor — if you’re having technical or access problems with ARTstor or any other HCC database, the libraries can help.