Using a LibGuide to Enhance your Students’ Research

Posted November 20th, 2012 by Site Administrator

Sample LibGuide for American Government

View a sample LibGuide for American Government

 LibGuides are a tool that lets librarians create subject or class specific guides to library resources. The idea behind this is to use a librarian’s abilities to narrow down the overwhelming amount of information online and in our library into manageable amounts while still allowing for a sense of discovery. LibGuides are a great way for professors and librarians to work together to provide another pathway for students’ individualized learning and research. And they live entirely on the web — easily linkable from Eagle Online or the Learning Web.

This LibGuide, created by faculty mentor Daniel Dylla for Rosalyn Crain’s government class, showcases online videos and library DVDs, books, articles, databases, and statistics. The videos can help students become more familiar with US history. Books, articles, databases, and statistics are organized to help students find specific types of resources for further research. There’s also a page to get help directly from a librarian or help with MLA formatting and citations.

LibGuides like the above example are most useful for classes that have some research component, like English or Government classes. LibGuides are very flexible, though. They also work well for subjects, like History or Math, that might benefit from a curated guide to online and HCC-only self-study resources.

Send an email to Daniel if you would like to explore making a LibGuide with a librarian for your class or subject.