Tom Haymes

Director, Technology & Instructional Computing

“If you are messing with technology, then you are not getting your work done. It is only when the technology becomes invisible that true creativity can take place.”

I have been using computing technology on a regular basis since 1981, when I started with an Apple II+ with a whopping 48K of memory and a single 128K floppy drive. I’ve been trying to get it right ever since then.

In the intervening two decades, I received two Master’s Degrees, one in Government (International Relations) and one in German and European Studies from Georgetown University as well as a Bachelor’s in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2001, I have taught at Wharton County Junior College and Houston Community College, joining the Government faculty at HCC Northwest in 2004.

In the interim between receiving my degrees and starting my teaching career, I worked for five years at various technology companies. This included stints at Apple and Motorola, where I did technical support and administration. Additionally, I worked as an Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager for an international intelligence dotcom and as Research and Marketing Director for an online conference company, both in Austin. I also spent time doing desktop publishing for a media relations company in Washington, DC.

A graduate of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas, I have maintained an active sideline as both a writer and a photographer. I have published articles on a diverse range of topics including nationalism, international relations, military history, and technology. I am also an award-winning photographer whose photography has been published in Popular Photography.

I have always approached technology as a tool and as a way to facilitate my own creativity. Coupled with my social science academic background, this has resulted in a focus in how humans adapt themselves and their technologies to meet critical needs. I am a comfortable inhabitant of two worlds; an academic in an IT world and a techie in the academic world.

When I became Instructional Design Coordinator and subsequently Director of Technology and Instructional Computing at HCC Northwest in 2006, I realized that I had finally found my niche. Overseeing a department of both creative and technical professionals dedicated to advancing the cause of education, I have been able to bring together the strands of my career into a holistic approach to supporting the technological growth of HCC Northwest, as well as the HCC district as a whole.