Faculty Lab (CIC)

The Faculty Lab at Spring Branch is part of the Curriculum Innovation Center (CIC) and is available to assist faculty with all areas of instructional technology. Get help with Eagle Online or the Learning Web, Microsoft Office, Webmail, Peoplesoft, classroom technologies–basically any of the technologies you use in your online and in person teaching.

If you have a request or issue that can not be handled by the lab staff, they will do their best to refer you to the staff member or department at the college that can best assist you.

Technology Resources

The CIC lab at Spring Branch is equipped with Dell and Mac workstations. View  the software list to see what is currently available. There is also a flatbed scanner available for use. The lab can be used for any professional activities but is recommended for the following:

  • Instructional content creation
  • Eagle Online course development
  • Learning Web portfolio development
  • Document scanning
  • Course administration (Peoplesoft)

Faculty Mentor

Our faculty mentors are active HCC professors who also work in our department assisting faculty in their use of technology as part of their in person and online instruction.

Consultation sessions can be scheduled with the faculty mentor at the Spring Branch campus. Having an appointment ensures that you have an agreed upon time to meet that works with your schedule.

Schedule a Consultation