Instructional Software Request Policy


The following statement should be read prior to completing the Software Request Form. You will be required to affirm that you have read and agree to this statement before submitting your request.

This document is designed to institute a formal process for classroom/lab software requests in order to ensure timely and efficient response by campus technicians and subsequently higher quality of service for HCC students and faculty.

Reason for Policy

To ensure compliance with HCC policy, to ensure compatibility with existing systems, network infrastructure and to help expedite the process of deployment. We must be able to guarantee that our deployments are accurate and that your class needs are met before the first day of instruction.


For new software and upgrades, the technical support team will need approximately 8 weeks to test the software for compliance and compatibility before deployment.

Deadlines for software requests are as follows:

  • Fall Semester – June 15th
  • Spring Semester – November 15th
  • Summer Semester – March 15th

Software requested for one semester shall remain available for the proceeding semester unless a change request is made as per the deadlines above.

Installation media must accompany all requests and must be in IT possession for initial installation and re-installation if necessary. 

**For a list of programs currently installed on all labs go to

Specialty Software

It is the responsibility of all departments to provide proof of current licensing to the Director of Technology and to maintain the validity of the applications that are purchased by the department.

It is the responsibility of department chairs, faculty and staff tasked with using and/or teaching courses that require specialty software to know the full functionality of these applications and to report problems. Instructional Technology technicians may only have experience with specific software applications and may not be experts or have training on all specialty applications.

Therefore, Department chairs should designate a technology liaison who will be contacted by local technicians to affirm that the specialty software’s requested are functioning prior to lab deployment.

Software Compatibility

Unlicensed software, trial versions and beta versions will not be installed.

We will endeavor to report to you that your license is expiring. However, ultimately, it is the department’s responsibility to keep specialty software current. If a license expires and it’s not renewed it will be removed from the computers.

Software that violates HCC policy specifically procedure B.2.10.13 that spells out password cracking programs, packet sniffers, network mapping tools or port scanners will not be installed. Exceptions must be documented and approved by the Office of Security Administration (OSAT). Send requests directly to

We will also be working closely with OSAT to ensure that Freeware, Open source software and other “Free” programs are authorized through their End User License Agreements to be installed in the requested environment.

Lab Refresh Policy

We have a policy of re-imaging all our labs at the end of every semester in preparation for the new wave of students expected to use them in the next semester. Therefore, adherence to the above deadlines gives us ample time to test and ensure that the software is ready for use the first day of the semester.

Financial Responsibility

Unless software licenses are specifically requested as part of the Technology Fee or they are part of an institutional site license, departments are responsible for purchasing their own licenses.

If your department has a recurring license fee, be sure to include that in your budgetary process or include it in Tech Fee. Remember that Tech Fee requests often take 6 months or a year to finalize so needs should be determined well in advance to insure that licenses are renewed in a timely manner. 

Instructional Lab Software Installation Requests

Once you have read and understood this policy, you may proceed to our online software installation request form.