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Classroom Multimedia Systems (Katy & Spring Branch)


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May 15, 2013

This is a quick start guide to using the multimedia systems in the classrooms at Katy and Spring Branch.

 Step by Step Directions

Turn the System On

To turn on the system from the control panel depress the button that says PC and hold it for several seconds. The video button is only used if a VCR or DVD player is connected to the system. To turn off the system hold down the PC button for five seconds. Do not turn off or shut down the computer. just make sure log off of active directory.

Booting Up the System

If the PC button does turn on the system or the system boots into a blue screen that means someone has turned off the computer. You will have to access the computers power button. On the Mac Mini the power button is on the back. Reach around you push that button for several seconds. The computer should chime to let you know it is booting up.

Log In to the System

In order to access the systems you will need an active directory login. If you do not not have one contact your chair and he or she will issue you a temporary password until you have an active directory password. When you are done make sure to log off of your account.

Connect a Flash Drive

There are two ways to connect flash drives to the system. Some systems have a cable coming out of the podium with a USB plug for your flash drive. If the system you are using does not have this cable, you should be able to connect to the system via the USB ports on the side of e monitor.

Report Issues

If you cannot connect a flash drive to system or it will not start up for some reason after following these instructions please submit a trouble ticket at support.nwc.hccs.edu.

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