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Getting Approved to Teach Distance Education


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December 18, 2014

The following is reprinted from http://de.hccs.edu/faculty-services/

Application Form

An application form and the Course approval form must be completed and approved through DE before an instructor can teach a DE course. Training requirements are listed below. Approval to teach a Hybrid (50% on campus and 50% off) or a Web-enhanced course(s) goes through the Department Chairs.

Credit Courses

Application Form for DE credit courses. Important instructions and deadlines are posted on this form. Contact Shirley Smith (713-718-5475) for more information.

DE Course Approval Form – for DE credit courses. This form is to be completed by the appropriate department chair and program coordinator prior to the course being offered to HCC students.

Continuing Education Courses

CE Course Approval Form – for Continuing Education DE courses. This form is to be completed and submitted by the Continuing Education, Director of Operations prior to the course being offered to HCC students. Contact Veronica Mendiola (713-718-5149).

DE Faculty Training Requirements (beginning September, 2014)

All faculty teaching DE for the first time at HCC (whether developing their own course or teaching a model course section) are required to have completed the minimum training requirements. These include the following classes offered through the Teaching and Learning Program. All of these classes are online and self-paced.

  1. Eagle Online 2 (TL1600)
  2. Orientation to Distance at HCC (TL1900)
  3. Copyright Literacy in the Academic Environment (TL1700)
  4. Student Engagement (Learner-Centered) Instructional Design (TL1000)
  5. Plus one elective from the list below:

Seminar Information & Registration

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