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December 18, 2014

This information reprinted from http://ctle.hccs.edu/facultyportal/tlp/certificate.htm

The purpose of the Teaching & Learning Program is to provide learning opportunities for faculty concerning student-centered instructional design concepts. The curriculum consists of two parts:

Part I : Student Engagement Seminars

This part includes a series of seminars that introduce foundational concepts of student-centered instructional design. Additionally, it includes training in the use of Eagle Online.

More information:

Part II: Student Engagement Course Design/Redesign

This part includes working in partnership with CTLE instructional designers to design/redesign a course to include student-centeredness. In the 50/50 collaborative relationship, the role of faculty is to ensure integrity of the course content, while the role of the instructional designers is to ensure integrity of the course design.

Upon completion of the Teaching & Learning Program, faculty will receive the following awards:

  • Certificate in Teaching Excellence
  • Recognition as Teaching & Learning Certified 21st Century Xemplary Faculty
  • Satisfaction – that students are receiving the best opportunities to succeed

Begin the Program by downloading the Individual Agreement Form (IDA). Complete the top of the form, sign the form and have your supervisor sign the form.

Return the completed form to CTLE through interdepartmental mail to MC1124, or by fax at 713-718-8030 to let us know that you are ready to begin the Program.

A CTLE staff member will contact you once the IDA form has been received.

NOTE: CTLE invites faculty to participate and utilize these services, products and resources. This program is designed for teaching faculty. Only faculty members, both full-time and part-time, are eligible to participate in this program. 

Non-exempt employees, full-time or part-time, may not participate in this program. No exceptions!

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