Design Lab Staff Responsibilities

The guidelines are meant to provide a positive, respectful, and safe experience for all users of our facilities and should be followed by all lab staff. (Revised 10/31/17)

Opening Procedures

Staff who are the first to arrive at the lab in the morning should:

  1. Make sure all signage and any front displays are visible and readable
  2. Place sign-in method out for the day
  3. Check email and staff desk for any messages
  4. Make sure all tools have been properly stored in their respective locations
  5. Visually check that all lab equipment is in working order
  6. Remove any prints from the printers and set aside at staff desk for pick-up
  7. Contact your supervisor about any concerns or issues related to the lab
  8. Unlock doors during open hours

General Procedures

Staff who are on duty should:

  1. Ensure that all current students and staff have access to the lab during open hours
  2. Greet and make sure that all lab visitors present a current college ID and sign-in
  3. Provide verbal or written overview of the lab rules to new users
  4. Ensure that all lab usage rules are followed
  5. Support users in the use of lab facilities and services in accordance with any usage and safety policies as determined by administration
  6. Review and receive print requests from users, following the 3D printing guidelines current at your location
  7. Keep all food and drink at the staff desk for breaks
  8. Store any tools and equipment used during your working hours before leaving 

Closing Procedures

Staff who close the lab for the day should do the following:

  1. Remind any patrons of closing time, at 30 and 15 minutes until close
  2. Make sure that all tools are properly stored
  3. Check all equipment and ensure that it is in working order
  4. Turn off any equipment not in use.
  5. Clean off table tops, place any debris in trash
  6. Turn off any electronic signs and/or displays
  7. Email or leave message at staff desk for supervisor or coworkers as needed
  8. Lock doors before leaving