One Button Studio: Technical Guide

The following guide describes the setup and operation of the One Button Studio at Spring Branch Campus Library, RC19. For information about reserving and using the studio, see the One Button Studio page on our department website.


  1. Technical Support
  2. Equipment Setup
  3. Troubleshooting

Technical Support

If you believe there is a technical issue with the One Button Studio, check with a staff member in the Curriculum Innovation Center Design Lab, 707. The lab is staffed 9am-11:30am and 12-4pm. The direct number for the lab is 713-718-5839.

See the troubleshooting section at the end of this guide for tips on common issues with the studio.

Equipment Setup

Penn State University provides full PDF versions of their OBS equipment and setup guides.

Recording Station Setup


Hard Drive (Apple Mac Mini)

  • Thunderbolt port connected to adapter and monitor
  • USB connected to keyboard and mouse
  • USB connected to H.264 recorder
  • USB connected to USB button
  • USB connected to USB hub
  • See “Software Setup” for more details on installed software

Recording Station Spring Branch Campus Library Studio (RC19)

Video Camera (Canon Vixia R400)

  • Shooting Mode: Special Scene Modes (SCN) > Low Light
  • Exposure: Manual ±0
  • Focus: Manual 15ft
  • Mic Level: Manual 40dB

Audio Mixer (Behringer Xenyx 502)

  • The mixer should have an XLR cable in the MIC input
  • An RCA cable should be output to the camera
  • AC power should be plugged into the device


Button (Powermate USB)

  • The button should be plugged in directly to the Mac Mini
  • The power mate 3.1 software should be open and set to Open at Login on the Mac Mini

USB Dock (Macally DotHub USB)

  • The dock should be connected via mini USB to the Mac Mini
  • An additional USB input is connected back to the H.264 recorder
  • The AC adaptor should be plugged into the device 

Recorder (Black Magic H.264 Pro Recorder)

  • The Black Magic recorder should be connected to the camera via the HDMI input
  • The USB input should be cabled back to the Mac Mini
  • Power should be plugged in to the recorder

Lighting Setup


Studio Lights (Genaray SpectroLED 3 Light Kit) Product Info

  • 3 Lights are mounted on the ceiling – two lights in front and one behind the presenter
  • Each light should be connected to a lighting control (see below) that is plugged into an outlet
  • All three lights should come on after a USB drive is inserted into the dock
  • Lights can be turned off temporarily using wall switch (see below)

Lighting Controls (INSTEON On/Off Module)

  • INSTEON On/Off modules provide automated control of the three studio lights
  • Modules communicate with the INSTEON PowerLinc Modem and Indigo software
  • Modules should be plugged into the supplied ceiling outlets
  • Studio lights should be plugged into the modules

Lighting Control Interface (INSTEON PowerLinc Modem)

  • The INSTEON PowerLinc Modem is the control interface that communicates with the lighting controls through the Indigo software installed on the recording station computer (Mac Mini)
  • The modem should be plugged in to the wall outlet underneath the camera
  • A USB cable should connect the modem to the recording station computer

Light Switch Plate

  • The single light switch on the left controls power to the LED lights. This switch should remain ON for the LED lights to work with the One Button Studio and automation software.
  • Switch can be turned off to record without LED lights but should be turned back on before leaving the studio.

Presenter’s Station Setup

The Presenter’s Station is where users can set up content to be presented on the Epson BrightLink projector. There is a dual boot iMac with Internet connectivity, Office applications, as well as software for using the document camera. The projector is interactive and it is recommended that users familiarize themselves with the use of this functionality befogging recording.


Projector (Epson BrightLink 595Wi) Product Info


Projector Remote (for Epson BrightLink 595W1)



Interactive Pen (for Epson Projector)


Presentation Computer (Apple iMac) Product Info

  • Dual boots to Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.8
  • Connected to projector via VGA
  • Connected to document camera via USB

 Document Camera (Epson DC-11) Product Info

  • Connected to Presentation Computer (iMac) via USB
  • Uses “ArcSoft for Epson Document Camera” app on both Mac/Windows
  • Can be controlled from device itself or by remote (see below)

 Document Camera Remote (for Epson DC-11)

  • Controls Document Camera
  • Can also interfere with projector controls


Error message in One Button Studio application window when USB is inserted into dock

This message can appear for two different reasons:

1) The USB drive used for saving the video recording has to be formatted as FAT. If the user thinks that the drive is formatted correctly, check reason number two below.

2) When the OBS station was booted up for the day, the Volumes folder was not chosen at startup of the One Button Studio application. To resolve this issue, quit the One Buttons Studio application and then re-open it. At the prompt to open the Volumes folder, click on the Open button. Once this has been done, the application should work as expected.

Studio lights do not come on when USB is inserted into the dock

The studio lights should automatically turn on shortly after a USB drive is inserted into the recording station dock. If the lights do not come on, first check that the Indigo software is open (it’s icon should be active in the dock). Next check that the left wall switch is in the On position. If the lights still do not come one, contact either a CIC or Technical Support staff member on campus.