One Button Studio

HCC’s One Button Studios provide a simplified recording environment where faculty, staff and students can create high quality videos with no knowledge of the technical aspects of production.

Use the studio to record short presentations, individual or group project videos, demonstrations and walk-throughs, or anything else you can come up with that supports teaching and learning at the college.

Who Can Use the Studios?

The One Button Studios are available for use by all HCC students, faculty and staff. Reserving the studios varies  by location. Check with the location you wish to use for more information.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Studios?

Bring a USB flash drive (FAT format) with at least 1GB of available space. Your video will be saved to this drive when you are finished recording.

If you are planning to use the projector, bring a second USB drive with your files. The presentation computer also has access to the Internet for accessing cloud-based files or web content.

What Can I do With My Video?

The One Button Studio saves your videos as mp4 files, a widely compatible format. This means that you can start sharing your recordings immediately either on HCC’s Eagle Online or EduTube sites or most popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. 

If you want to edit your recordings, mp4 files can be imported into most video editing software. If you don’t have access to this software at home, support is available on HCC campuses.

Faculty can use the Curriculum Innovation Center design labs at Katy and Spring Branch campuses. The labs have both Mac and Windows workstations running iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, Prelude, After Effects). Staff are also available to assist with many aspects of audio and video production.

Students have access to Mac and Windows video editing software as well as Adobe Creative Cloud products in the Open Computer Labs at Alief, Katy, and Spring Branch campuses. Ask the lab assistants for media workstations at each campus.


Alief Campus Media Commons, B322

The One Button Studio at Alief opened in Fall 2016. The studio is part of the Media Commons, a digital media lab open to all HCC students and faculty. The Media Commons provides a supported work environment for creating and editing all kinds of digital media for teaching and learning. 

Spring Branch Location, Library RC19

The One Button Studio at the Spring Branch Campus is available within the library. Reservations can be made from the library front desk on a first come, first serve basis.

The Alief Campus OBS can be used for 1 hour sessions scheduled on a first-come basis during open hours in the Media Commons. Current hours are Tuesday/Thursdays 9am-5pm and Fridays 9am-1pm.

Studio Usage Guidelines (Updated Spring 2015)

Read through the following policies and procedures for reserving and using the One Button Studio at Spring Branch.

  1. The One Button Studio (OBS) in RC 19, can be accessed by key which is checked out at the library circulation desk
  2. OBS reservations may only be made on the library website by faculty for class projects; all other instances are first come first serve.
  3. The room may be used for (1) 30 minute session with an option of (1) renewal for a maximum of an hours use, if there are no reservations.
  4. “Time due back” will be marked on slip at checkout and given to patron
  5. Checking out OBS key constitutes an agreement by the patron to abide by OBS policies as printed on the OBS key tag. 
  1. To check out OBS key, patron must present HCC Student/Faculty/Staff ID to library circulation desk
  2. Patron will be responsible for checking out and returning key as well as any damage to OBS equipment during checkout period.
  3. When the 30 minute session (or renewal) is concluded, patron must return key within checkout time or blocks will be applied to the patron accounts.
  4. An orientation video will be made available to patrons on the desktop computer, explaining basic OBS functions and components
  5. At the end of OBS session, patron must shut down desktop computer, projector and all lighting before locking OBS and returning key to front desk. request form