Instructional Computer Labs

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This site provides up-to-date information about computer lab software builds for Northwest College campuses. Select a campus from the menu above to find the current software build for a particular room.

For department chairs: Complete the Software Installation Request form in order to have Software installed or updated in a room.

Standard Build for All Northwest Computer Labs

The applications below are part of our standard build and are installed along with the specialized applications listed for each lab:

Microsoft Office Suite

Company Application Version Description
Microsoft Word 2013 Word processing
Microsoft Excel 2013 Spreadsheet application
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Presentation application
Microsoft Access 2013 Database application
Microsoft InfoPath 2013 Forms application
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Email client application
Microsoft OneNote 2013 Personal organizer

Windows Essentials

Company Application Version Description
Microsoft Moviemaker 6.1 Movie editor (basic)
Microsoft Photo Gallery 6.1 Image viewer
Microsoft Windows Media Player 6.1 Video Player
Microsoft Notepad 6.1 Text editor (basic)
Company WordPad 6.1 Text editor (basic)
Microsoft Paint 6.1 Picture editor (basic)
Microsoft Snipping Tool 6.1 Screen capture software
Microsoft Sound Recorder 6.1 Audio capture application
Microsoft Problem Steps Recorder 6.1 Screen shot/clicks recorder

Web Browsers

Company Application Version Description
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1 Web Browser
Google Chrome 41 Web Browser

Security and Virus Protection

Company Application Version Description
Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection EV 1.1 Antivirus application

Plugins, Utilities and Other

Company Application Version Description
Microsoft Silverlight 5 Multimedia Plugin
Adobe Flash Player 14 Multimedia Plugin
Adobe Shockwave 12.1.7 Multimedia Plugin
Adobe Acrobat 11 PDF Editor
Oracle Java 8 Web applet